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Since 1990, Paarhammer windows and doors have been setting the benchmark in energy efficiency in Australia. Outstanding quality, security and design flexibility ensures architects, developers and home-owners achieve superior results and energy ratings.

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Reveals and architraves or square set plaster?
Reveals and architraves or square set plaster?
Traditionally, most windows and doors needed reveals and architraves, but now this is not always the case. Square set plaster provides the much-coveted clean-line look and eliminates reveals and architraves.What is a reveal?A reveal is the timber surround on all
Australian Climate Zones
Australian Climate Zones
Climate Zones Australia is a large and diverse country with huge differences in the climate from one end to the other. To maximise the energy efficiency of a building the right window choice is crucial. Passive House has divided Australia
Clerestory – highlight – tilt windows
Clerestory – highlight – tilt windows
Clerestory windows are usually narrow windows placed at the top of a wall, close to the ceiling or roof. Placed above eye level, these windows let in light but avoid overlooking neighbours. These types of windows have been around since Egyptian

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